I love being a doctor...


My Mission

To make it easier for everyone to do more of what they love and waste less time being sick, angry, lonely, or living an unfilled life.  My goal is to be your guide in the health of your body, mind, and soul - someone you reach for without hesitation - who will provide you with quality time and personalized attention.

my background

  • Born and raised in Sioux Falls, SD
  • Played nearly every sport growing up, including O'G Football & SF Hockey
  • Spent three years in the woods at SJU where I left football and picked-up yoga & cycling
  • Graduated magna cum laude in chemistry and found a mentor, and now cherished friend, who was gracious enough to encourage me to learn everything I could about orthopedic surgery
  • Lived life for four years in our nation's capital for medical school - graduating magna cum laude from Georgetown School of Medicine 
  • Completed my orthopedic surgery internship at the Mayo Clinic, a year of research focused on 4DCT scanning of scapholunate injuries (making movies of the bones of the wrist moving) while taking trauma call and working at an urgent care.
  • Planned on being a hand surgeon and presented my research at the american society for surgery of the hand in Chicago 
  • Turned in five invention disclosures to the Mayo Ventures program prior to leaving halfway through my residency to find a road less traveled that was a better fit for me
  • Spent three months in Spain, and most moments since, working to jumpstart a new ecosystem of health while traveling between the bay area learning about tech and MN playing doctor.
  • Spent over a year working as an urgent care doctor and continue to work as a general practitioner at a rural MN health system, which continues to inspire and teach me in ways that no other opportunity could. 
  • Started a digital health company to connect patients and health professionals in secure, transparent, and efficient ways - so we can all do more of what we love to do.